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"The wonderful YOU"

- or how I decided to write a children's story on how babies are made -

"This is the story of the wondeful you,

A you that was once a baby, brand new"

"Mummy, what do you do?" asked Alex one day.

"I work in a fertility clinic," I replied.

"What's a fertility clinic?" he asked again (well...he is well known for wondering, this boy of mine!).

And I was wondering what's the best way to tell him. Bees and flowers? NO WAY! Eggs and sperm cells? Yes way.

As a former scientist, I am all about scientific facts. A baby is made from an egg and a sperm.

As a mother, I am all about magic.

Hence...the "Wonderful you - an IVF story", where magic and science are combined to create a light-hearted, sensitive, funny, educational, scientific and nonetheless magical story of "the wonderful you, the wonderful baby".

Credit goes to the fertility clinic I work for, where I witness magic being created :)

If you'd like to join me in my journey and to witness the birth of my "baby" (my book!), please join our Facebook group (click here to join).

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