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Corona Witch has been destroyed!

Hard to believe it, but 4 years ago we were in the middle of a pandemic that claimed millions of lives around the world.

For Alex and I it was a very difficult time, as we could not go to see our family in Romania, especially the grandmother that Alex adores.We hardly watched TV, but I remember that I turned the TV on at some point, but quickly switched it off as the news terrified both of us.

We had limited time outside, so we made the most of it. In one of our walks, I remember Alex being really scared of people coming in contact with us, and he always told me that we have to cross the street every time we encountered someone. It was so sad, and I could sense his fear, and I tried to reassure him that all is well with us and in the world. That IT HAS TO BE. That the good guys always win.

It's then I had the idea of writing a story, based on real events (who remembers the zoom lessons?!) . Alex, as always, played his part, and the rest, as they's history!

I created a podcast discussing the book in which I had to oblige and play the witch (disclaimer: not based on real events, as I like to play the good fairy in real life!) . Enjoy.

We were featured in media, as well as invited on BBC Radio. But the best part? The amazing time Alex and I spent together, turning a challenging situation into a fun way of spending our time, and writing a book that will act as a memento for future generations.

To buy the book, please click here.

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