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Father’s Day traditionally celebrates fathers and father figures, but in modern, diverse families, it’s also a time to honour all parental roles. For same-sex female couples, LGBTQ mothers, and same-sex male couples, Father’s Day is about recognizing the love, dedication, and nurturing that define parenthood.

Redefining Parenthood

In the LGBTQ families, traditional roles blend and overlap, showing that parenting is about love and support, not gender.

  • Two-Mum Families: In families with two mothers, both women often share duties traditionally associated with fathers, showcasing teamwork and shared responsibility.

  • Single LGBTQ Mothers: Single LGBTQ mothers embody the full spectrum of parenthood, providing both maternal and paternal support to their children.

  • Gay Fathers: Same-sex male couples, who embrace fatherhood through adoption, surrogacy, or co-parenting, demonstrate immense dedication and love, redefining what it means to be a dad.

Celebrating Love and Quality Time

Father’s Day in these families is about love, resilience, and spending quality time together. My book,

"Alex's adventures in Wonderland: I wonder about my family" highlights the importance of quality time as a family, and now what your family looks like. It's ALL ABOUT LOVE!

A Message of Gratitude and Inclusion

Should Father’s Day celebrate all parents, including those in same-sex female couples, LGBTQ mothers, and gay fathers? Absolutely! Your dedication enriches modern family life and shows that the essence of parenting overcomes conventional boundaries.

To all parents redefining what it means to be a family, happy Father’s Day! Your love and commitment are an inspiration, reminding us of the importance of spending quality time together and honoring the diverse forms of parenthood.

To celebrate family diversity, my book "The wonderful you: An IVF story" is FREE on Amazon between Friday 14 June and Sunday 16 June.

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