Verba volant

(words fly)

- podcast - 

Hello and welcome to our podcast page! Below is our first podcast. 


Alex and I are discussing our newest book, "Alex's adventures in Wonderland: I wonder about Coronavirus (and other viruses, bacteria and germs)". What is all about? ENJOY!

We've decided to name our podcast and blog pages in latin. "Verba volant" means words fly, and they can be easily be forgotten, while "scripta manent" means that written words can be relied on for longer.
Verba volant doesn't really apply to podcast though, which you can play over and over again. It's just a metaphor to say that we also have podcast (words that you can listen to but fly).
Interviews, snippets from our books, great content magically (and professionally!) edited by Lia Bebelia. Enjoy!