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Hello and welcome to Wonderland!

(or Wonder-website)

Please come in!












Alex is delighted that you've decided to join him in his adventures, and I am too!

It's great to have a new friend - YOU! 


So buckle up, or just go to your happy corner with your favourite teddy, and let's go!


We are ready for a new adventure! Are you? 


Let's wonder! 

If you are wondering about Alex's adventures so far...

1) A quest about his family. He wondered why our family is made of only me and him (and Granny!). He found the answer by going on an amazing adventure. Every family is different, and ours is just as happy as every family should be, spending time together.










2)  The Tooth Fairy seems to have a lot of money to give to all the children who lose their milk teeth. Alex wondered where the Tooth Fairy has all the money from? What if you eat lots of sweets, do you get any money? (We hope the Tooth Fairy is very generous with you!)









3) The most recent adventure had Alex and his friends wondering how to protect the grandparents from the virus that has everybody talking, coronavirus.  They confront, not only Corona Witch, but also some of her nasty friends. If you are wondering if our heroes save the grandparents, we can only tell you what Alex thinks:


"In stories and in real life, the good guys always win!". 

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Available soon!
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