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Our book + a doll's house!

Today we got our copy (physical proof) of "Alex's adventures in Wonderland: I wonder about Coronavirus (and other viruses, bacteria and germs)". It was as supposed to be delievered between 10 and 4, and Alex and I were checking every 10 minutes if it's there (the instructions were to leave it at the door). We waited, and waited, and waited, Alex saying from time to time, "It's hereee!!!", but nope, it wasn't, and Alex laughed, "I tricked you!".

Then we went out on our bikes, and I got a text message that the books arrived. We rushed home....not before receiving a gift. A dolls house, that I was dreaming about for the past 10 years.

I have a friend, Adriana. When we last saw each other, which I about 9 years ago, I was dreaming of a dolls house, with a lot of details, and furniture, and dolls. I remember looking on a website with beautiful dolls houses, and Adriana said we will buy it together. I didn't, We didn't. And in these 9 years, I was dreaming of having a dolls house.

Yesterday, rushing home, a garage door was half open, and I saw a dolls house on a shelf. The owner, a beautiful English lady, was collecting some papers from her driveway. "The dolls house in your garage is so beautiful," I said to the lady. Her reply came straight away: "Do you want it? It's been there for ages!". I couldn't believe it. The lady continued, "Let me show it to you in case you don't like it." Then she took out the garage the most beautiful dolls house I've seen, "The House" I've been dreaming of for the past 9 years. It's so amazing, it even has curtain net. I carried it proudly home, and I am now looking for some furniture.

As for the book....we went home, and we finally had the book in our hands. We'll tell you about it in the next stop.

Now I am off to my new house!

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