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My book- a gift for all the children in the world!

1st of June is fast approaching. For Romanians, 1st of June means presents and sweets. It means extra-attention from parents and grandparents, as only once a year it's "Children's Day."

When I was a child I adored 1st of June or Children's Day. My parents used to give me toys, books, chocolates and sweets - my favourite were small round sweets called Cip - "tweet" in English . You can say that Romanians were the first to tweet, a good few years before Twitter was invented (and it tasted sweeeet.)

As I try to teach my son about the Romanian traditions, 1st of June is no exception. This year my present for him is my book on Coronavirus, now translated into Romanian. It's going to be interesting to see him reading the Romanian letters although his spoken Romanian is close to perfection (if perfection existed!)

As there are not many nations to celebrate Children's Day on 1st of June, I was wondering (yeah, Alex takes it from me!) if I could offer a gift to all the children in the world who wonder how to keep the virus away from their beloved grandparents and how come they can't visit each other.

The answer is: YES!

I will offer my ebook to download for free on:

30th May 2020

31st May 2020

1st June 2020.

Get your copy here.

I hope all the children in the world will enjoy it and never be afraid of viruses, bacteria and germs, no matter how Corona, Flu or E.Coli they are. Children's Day - celebrated every single day (minus the presents and sweets!)

The picture is of me as a child, after I cut my own fringe (I guess you could say I wasn't going to be a hair stylist!)

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