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My birthday = an early Christmas present

Here I am again. x9 years old. A work colleague told me I don’t look a day older than 8. Haha.

I do believe in age being just a number. I feel in my 20s although sometimes I notice some wrinkles (It must be the lightning!)

The day started with music and chocolate cake, and finished with friends, music and chocolate cake. In between I worked, one of my favourite activities since changing career.

Today I also stopped at the Post Office to send a few signed copies of “Alex’s adventures: I wonder about my family”. The day before, I asked in a single parents Facebook group, if anyone would like my book (our book, written by me and inspired by Alex!) as a Christmas present. The reaction to my post was overwhelming. I was literally jumping for joy at some point seeing how many people are touched by my book. I only had a few copies left in the house so I ordered some more.

One of the best part of that Facebook post was engaging with the parents who wanted the book. They all had such kind words they made me well up. A few asked me where they can buy the book from and I felt kind of guilty telling them. The book is set to sell at about £7 ok Amazon, while my royalties per book are less than £1.

My mum told me I am not a business woman and I guess I am not. I am a mother, a single mother. I wrote the book not to become a millionaire overnight (although that would be good!) I wrote the book for Alex to make him understand that families come in all shapes and sizes and the fairy tales show this. How could I sell the book? The people who wanted to buy it are all (or most of all) single parents who have no contact with the other parent. Meaning they probably have no financial support either. So I prefer to offer it to them. I am not rich (yet?) but I am ok. I love to give, and by offering these children my book and knowing I make them smile, this Is enough of a “payment“ for me.

I am so happy I could offer my book on my birthday to a few children. Because it takes so little to be kind. It can mean the world to other people. It will hopefully create a ripple effect of kindness and love. By giving them my book I am not going to be poorer - I do hope they will feel rich, empowered, loved and so so special!

…And that’s how I spent my birthday!

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