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My Birthday!

Today is my birthday. 28 years young (again). I wouldn't say there isn't a statistical error in the number displayed, but we are not discussing statistics here, are we?

I am not sure where those (ahem) 28 years have gone. My dreams as a young girl, getting married and living in a castle (with properly heated floors, mind you!), with a few young princes and princesses. My knight in shining armour would cook dinner and tell the kids off when the noise would be louder than the fireworks sparkling outside, in my honour, displaying a multicoloured "We Love You!" I would, of course, finish off my piece of work, as a had a successful career!

But here I am, a few yers later, a few fine lines, the proof that I laughed and I cried, that I lived.

You can't see someone's soul, which never gets old.

But I guess you can see my soul. In the books I wrote, based on the one and only, Alex, my son. Every word written in my books has my soul in it.

Today I received a very nice birthday poem:

"You're the kind of person,

Who's hard to forget,

A one-in-a-million,

To the people you've met.

Your friends are as varied,

As the places you go,

And they all want to tell you,

In case you don't know:

That you make a big differece,

In the lives that you touch,

By taking so little

And giving so much!"

This poem made me cry and made me think how blessed I am to be where I am, surrounded by people who love me, starting with my awesome Alex. How blessed I am that I could gift my books to the world.

I couldn't finish this post without saying that we had a nice big chocolate cake. As for my Prince in shining armour, living in a castle? Who needs castles when you have forests, hills, trees, music, love! And chocolate cake!

Get your free copy of my book here.

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