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Happy Father's Day!


I start my blog with a big sigh. Because today it's Father's Day.

What if your child doesn't have his father in his life?

On Father's Day, when social media is inundated with posts about fathers' awesomeness (and rightly so!) I can't stop but think of fatherless children. My thoughts are with all those children who don't have a daddy to give a card to. My heart aches for all the single mums out there who share a tear when their children ask "but why daddy is not here..."

It's even sadder when the child stopped asking. It means he is content and accepts the fact he doesn't have a dad. Or...who knows what goes in their mind?!

I important Father's Day is? I would depends of so many factors, on so many levels.

If your child's dad is not in his life, celebrate a grandfather. Or an uncle, or a male friend.

What if there is no male figure in your child's life?

Well...Batman didn't have a father, did he? Or Little Red Riding Hood? Spiderman was raised by his uncle and aunt. What about the little mermaids? Ops, they only had a father (I am wondering if he is still single?!).


I sigh again.

I try to give my son the world. I wrote a book about a boy who wonders why his family is different. Or why he doesn't have a father or a daddy. The moral of the story is all families are different and what's important is the time we spend together as a family.

Today, on Father's Day, I celebrate our family. Our family, without a dad. Today I celebrate myself and pat myself on the back for being the strong, determined woman that someone called me yesterday. Although, sometimes.... maybe...just maybe, this strong, determined woman needs a men's shoulder to cry on (although a female friend's shoulder would be just as good...)

I want to give my son the world. I can't give him a dad.

I want to give all the fatherless children in the world, a dad. I can't.

I give them my book. Free on youtube.

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