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Alex's adventures in Wonderland: I wonder about Coronavirus (and other viruses, bacteria and germs)

Updated: May 2, 2020

The book I've been working on for the last month has now been published. There is a mix of emotions overwhelming me. The strongest is what I would call "the empty nest". "The baby", the book I created, has now left me and it's out in the world. I enjoyed the whole process, from the first idea to the final draft, making a trailer for the book, and I absolutely loved narrating the audio book with my son (Note to myself: remember to edit it and take all the "poo" and "fart" words out).

While writing it, I ignored the news on TV, completely. I briefly read the headlines on my phone. A few days ago, I sat down and watched the news on TV. I coudn't watch more than 5 minutes, 4 of which I cried. I am the queen of positivity, but I cried, watching numbers. I hugged my son tighter.

Then I realised why I wrote this book. It was triggered by my son being a tad scared by the coronavirus. Then I had the idea of kids doing what they do best, being innocent, sweet and fighting the bad guys in the most child-like way possible. I wrote it for all the kids on the planet to read it, enjoy it, and never be scared.

It's not just for the kids. It's for adults too. To read, and laugh, and frown, and laugh, and laugh again. Because laughing is just another way of fighting any bacteria, germ and virus away.

Just remember, as Alex would say: In stories and in real life, the good guys always win!

Check it out here:

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