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Can music keep you fit? It sure can! Thanks to Jen

A few weeks ago I joined Instagram - as you do. I had my account for a few years but only posted last year when we published the Coronavirus book.

The joy of Instagram! You see what other people are posting (nosey me? never!). Although I love seeing posts with food (who wouldn't?), the post that I am going to talk about in this blog And Music. Combined, giving the best outcome - Zumba.

A few weeks ago a friend of mine posted her Zumba routine on Instagram. Firstly, I loved the music. Secondly, I loved the dance routine combined with the music, while, attention! whilst enjoying some side benefits like losing weight (show me a lady who doesn't want to lose weight and I eat a whole bar of dark chocolate!).

So...I decided to see who Jen is and what she does in real life aka Zoom (as real-life happened for the last year or so).

Let me tell you a few things about Jen. She has the most beautiful and kind smile that you could wish to find in an instructor when practising a sport. She encourages you all from the beginning ("don't worry if you don't get the routine right, who cares? We are here to have fun!"), throughout the session, and at the end she even stays with you on Zoom to have a virtual coffee and a chat. How cool is that? I have to admit, I was never brave enough to join the virtual coffee, or to do Zumba with the camera on - just give it a month to lose the baby weight and I might. (The baby is 9 years old!)

I was never a sporty person. I was always a music and dance fan. But this is what Zumba is about. It's about music, dance, fun. Jen chooses the absolutely best music and her routine is super fun. I sometimes forget to follow the routine and just dance! I am a Zumba fan now. I am Jen's number 1 fan as she made me do what I would never, ever do. To practise a sport AND enjoy it!

I wrote this blog as soon as I finished the class (and skipped the coffee!). I wrote this blog to show everyone how awesome Jen is. How much passion she puts into Zumba, converting a non-believer into a fan.

So long live Queen Jen and King Zumba.

My only regret? I wish I met you earlier - we would've Zumba-ed through the lockdown.

If you want to join Jen's class, click here to find her on Instagram.

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