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What is Alex wondering about...

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Alex's adventures in Wonderland:
I wonder about the Tooth Fairy

Alex is a curious little boy who always wonders. He wonders a lot and asks Mummy lots of questions. One day, he asks a very important question, "Where does the Tooth Fairy have money to pay for children who lost their teeth?". Alex will then find himself on an adventure where his question will be answered. Expect sweets, chocolates, lots of laughter....and Tooth Fairy herself.

This book is designed for children who lost or are about to lose their milk teeth, for children who eat lot of sweets and those who don't, for children who brush their teeth and those who prefer chocolate instead. And if you are an adult who lost their milk teeth, this book is for you too (and you will also find out why you have to pay when visiting the dentist!)

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Alex's adventures in Wonderland:
I wonder about my family

"This is a story about a boy who always wonders." Alex wondering about his family is the first book in "Alex's adventures in Wonderland" series of books.


It has a printed, digital and absolutely awesome audio version, with Lia narrating and Alex playing his own character, fighting the bad witch and teaching Dorothy some karate moves. 

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